Hello and welcome to (I hope you agree) my beautiful new website.

I ceated this site as I feel it is important for me to have a web presence, I have had a website of some sort since the beginning of the millenium.

Traditionally I have only had a portfolio online but this time around (as you can see) I have added in a blog. It is my intention to try to post useful information, tutorials and my thoughts on programming, web development, photography and image manipulation (with Photoshop).

I can't guarantee how often I will add to my blog or whether it will actually be interesting but I hope you will stop by occasionally to see what's new.

Of course you can always take a look at my portfolio (which I am tentatively going to allow commenting on) so feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think of my work. As with most blogs you can comment on my blog posts if you wish.

Anyway, lots to do… these are exciting times :)